Health Insurance

As medical treatment costs have been on rise since the past few years, many are not liable to afford quality treatment. Therefore, the need of having a health insurance policy cannot be understated. Though, it is not mandatory to have a mediclaim policy, but, taking it for granted can turn out to be costly. This is because hospitalization expenses can actually cause a serious dent in your finances which could include doctor’s consultation fee, cost of medicines, and medical tests. Thus, it is best to get an insurancs plan to provide quality treatment to your loved ones while accumulating numbers in a savings account. There are several mediclaim policies you can choose from offering different features and coverage benefits. Basically, there are two types of mediclaim insurances plans – individual plan and family floater plan. While an individual plan provides medical coverage for the sum assured only for an individual, family floater plan covers other family member as well. There are companies that offer daily hospitalization cashless coverage to their network hospitals.

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