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Insurance Policies

As people are growing with uncertain life events and sedentary lifestyle, insurance has become a basic necessity among the individuals to face financial dilemma without much mental stress. Most of us are engaged with long-hours of sitting job, which ultimately affects to our overall health and lifestyle. Today, investment planning is as essential as earning, especially if you are a breadwinner of a family. Investing in insurance policies provides several benefits and a secured future along with long-term financial security. Though, you cannot stop uncertainties to happen, but, making a systematic investment plan can actually save a day and secure future for you and your family as well. Thus, buying insursnce can make up for a great financial instrument.


Types of Insurance Policies

As we know, insurancs are primarily meant to provide financial assistance and security against life’s uncertain events. But, what is important is to choose the right plan as everyone has different lifestyle and different preferences. Also, many financial experts advice to invest wisely in insurance plan. Well, if you too are confused to choose the best insurance term, you probably have landed to a right place. So, before you choose the right plan, it’s better to first explore the types of insurance plans available in the market.

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Benefits of Insurance Policies


Tax Benefits

Investments made in the specified instruments are subject to rebate as far as tax benefits are concern.


Life Risk Cover

Insurance policies provides you with a high life risk cover that offers financial cover to you and your family.


Assured Income Benefits

Assured income through incurance polices allow you and your family to stay financially secured.


Return on Investment

Money invested in insurance policies is safe and it also offers risk cover along with attractive bonus.


Death Benefits

In case of any untoward happening to the policyholder, the respective company pays up the full(insured) amount.


Loan Options

In case you are in desperate need of money, some insurer provides the advantage of borrowing to policyholder.

Reasons to buy an insurancs policy:

Shields your family from uncertain events

For every breadwinner, it is the prime responsibility to take care of its family and protect them from any untimely or uncertain life events. Thus, insurance is one such product that is designed to provide financial assistance and protection during an unfortunate event.

Death benefits

In case, if the breadwinner passes away untimely, the surviving family gets death benefits in a form of financial assistance. This assures that even if you are no more there to take care of your family and take all their responsibilities, an insurancs policy is there to do the job.

Long-term financial security

When it comes to taking up the charge to fulfil family’s responsibilities, you need to make some long-term goals such as saving pennies for child’s education, wedding, or for managing life post retirement. Hence, to meet such responsibilities, an insurance plan is an ideal investment tool to meet long-term goals with financial security.

Tax benefits

Every year you pay a portion of your hard-earned money in taxes. Thus, this is another added benefit of buying an insursnce plan where the policy holder enjoys tax deduction benefits under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. Policies like endowment plans, unit linked insurance plans, and mediclaim policies provide you tax benefits better than any other investment avenues.

Flexible premium choices

Not everyone has the same financial stability and thus, you can choose the premium mode according to your budget and income. Most insurance companies offer to choose premium plan on either daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually basis. Choosing flexible premium plans also helps you manage your finances better.

Peaceful and stress-free life

Be it health, travel, or life, an insurance policy definitely gives you a stress-free and peaceful life. You don’t have to worry about the finances even at times of emergencies. Moreover, the policy can be used to meet short-term finance needs by using it as collateral against the loans. Further, certain life insurance plans like endowment plans and child insurance plans help you plan out your child’s future in a more systematic and disciplined manner.